Top 10 Best Thermometers for babies in 2017

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best babies thermometerIf you are a new parent, one thing that you might frequently need would be a high-quality Thermometer. Newborn babies or toddlers, due to their delicate immune system, are more likely to get infected with fevers. So, it is highly recommended for all the parents to always have a functional and feature-packed Thermometer handy. This way you will know when your baby needs a visit to the doctor.

Besides, checking your baby’s temperature will reassure you and calm your worries, whenever in doubt. We have provided in-depth reviews of top 10 Best Baby Thermometers available in the market today. All of which are highly rated, reasonably priced, use radical technology for functioning and some of them even offer impressive modes and features, which is always rooted for.

Let’s get straight into the reviews and see what all it has got in store for you.

Comparison chat for best baby thermometers

Product imageNameTypePriceRating
Braun Ear ThermometerEar thermometer$$4.3
Exergen Temporal Scan Forehead Artery Baby ThermometerForehead thermometer$4.0
iProven DMT-489 Ear Thermometer with Forehead FunctionEar and Forehead thermometer$$4.4
Dr. Madre Non Contact Digital Thermometer Non-Contact Forehead thermometer$$4.3
Metene Digital Infrared Non-Contact Forehead ThermometerNon-Contact Forehead thermometer$4.1
SinoPie Forehead Digital and non-contact ThermometerNon-Contact Forehead thermometer$3.7
ANKOVO Forehead and Ear ThermometerEar and Forehead thermometer$4.6
Bodear Ear and Forehead ThermometerEar and Forehead thermometer$$4.9
QQCute Digital Medical Infrared Forehead and Ear ThermometerEar and Forehead thermometer$4.5
Rectal Baby Thermometer iProven DTR-1221BOral and Rectal Thermometer$4.6

Top 10 best baby thermometers for 2017:

10. Best Rectal Baby Thermometer iProven DTR-1221B:

Prefer the Traditional way? iProven DTR-1221B Oral and Rectal Thermometer promptly and accurately measures your baby’s temperature with 2 mode options- Fahrenheit or Celsius. Within 10 seconds, you will be provided with readings that are about 1/10 degree accurate. You will also be notified whether the range of temperature is Good, High or Too High.

Your baby’s skin is extremely delicate as compared to adults. And so, this thermometer has been integrated with a highly sensitive and flexible tip, optimal for armpit, rectal or mouth. The unit makes very subtle sound so your baby’s sleep won’t be disturbed. As a major pro, this iProven DTR-1221B’s tip is waterproof, so you can wipe the thermometer clean with soap and water or alcohol. The last reading is stored, so you can easily track the difference in temperatures.

9. QQCute Infrared Forehead and Ear Thermometer:

Featuring the Latest Innovative Infra-red scanning technology, the QQCute Thermometer is ideal to use for babies, toddlers as well as adults. This sleek stylish-looking thermometer features two functions- Forehead and Ear. Plus, it can retrieve up to last 20 readings. The red backlit display and 10 short rings will signify that you might have a fever.

For power saving, the QQCute Thermometer automatically shuts off when it senses about 30 seconds of inactivity. The ergonomically designed unit provides ease of use and extreme comfort to your baby and is therefore one of the best forehead thermometers.

8. Ear and Forehead Thermometer by Bodear:

Boasting an extremely stylish looks with white and black accents, the Bodear Ear and Forehand Thermometer uses Enhanced Infrared Lens to measure accurate temperature. It has been approved by US FDA and CE, hence rest assured that it is completely safe to be used for babies, adults, toddlers and so on.

It has been clinically calibrated to view human body temperature on the LCD screen with Dual mode functionality, using any mode from °F or °C. In addition, it can recall last 20 readings and also saves energy via Auto shut-off mode.

7. ANKOVO Digital Medical Infrared Thermometer for Baby:

ANKOVO Digital Thermometer lets you measure temperature through 2 modes viz. Forehead thermometer, optimum for all ages and Ear Thermometer for babies above 3 months of age. Moreover, you can even view about 20 previous readings, so as to monitor the alteration in your body’s temperature.

Extremely quick and easy to check, you will certainly get precise temperature readings on the backlit screen within just 1 second! And, you also get to select Fahrenheit or Celsius mode. Whenever your temperature rises above 99.5°F/37.5°F, the thermometer gives out 7 short rings along with flickering of LCD, to signify the user that they might have fever. Absolutely safe to use, thisInfrared Thermometer is CE and FDA approved to be used for babies as well as adults.

6. SinoPie Forehead Digital Thermometer:

Not just for baby’s temperature, SinoPie Infrared Thermometer is multi-functional and has the ability to measure the temperature of any surface of an object such as refrigerator, food, milk, water, etc. This non-contact thermometer needs to be held within 2 inches of distance from the surface or body. To save power, it automatically shuts down after 8 seconds of inactivity.

The most amazing and remarkable feature of this thermometer is that it can store up to 32 readings so you can differentiate the temperatures and your doctor can easily diagnose as well. It can measure the temperature within just 0.5 seconds with the accuracy of ± 0.2℃ (0.4℉). Besides, it also lets you switch from Fahrenheit to Celsius, change the alarm temperature, compensate temperature difference and you can also turn ON/OFF the buzzer. SinoPie Thermometer is backed with 1 year warranty period.

5. Metene Digital Infrared Forehead Thermometer:

Integrated with a premium microchip and a highly responsive sensor, this Infrared Forehead Thermometer by Metene provides highly accurate hospital-grade Readings, ideal to be used in home, offices or clinics. Instantaneous Digital thermometer measures temperature of your baby without even touching, in just about 1 second. Additionally, you can even utilize it to measure the temperature of any objects like the bottle or any room, all you need to do is switch to different mode.

And best of all, the ‘Quiet’ mode executes the temperature measuring process silently, without disturbing your baby’s sleep. It also has Fahrenheit and Celsius mode, you can shift to whichever you want, as per your choice. This European CE and FDA approved thermometer shows readings on the LCD with Clinical-grade accuracy, better than the traditional thermometers.

4. Medical Infrared Talking Forehead Thermometer by Dr. Madre:

Dr. Madre Infrared Thermometer has been incorporated with ‘Quick scan’ feature that lets you measure your baby’s temperature with more precise and reliable readings without even touching and within just 1 second. On the other hand, you also get a feature to measure any room’s temperature.

Besides, you can retrieve previously taken 12 readings for monitoring history of temperatures. Talking Thermometer announces your results in either English or Spanish, but you can also select the ‘Silent’ mode. The backlit display views the readings in blue or red, so you can effortlessly measure the temperature in dark as well. Also, you get to switch between Fahrenheit or Celsius modes. For better after-sales experience, it has been backed with 2 years of warranty and 30 days of money-back guarantee (FDA approved).

3. iProven DMT-489 Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead function:

 Boasting a Revolutionized Calibration Technology, the iProven DMT-489 delivers a superior performance with faster and accurate reading. Further, it has been clinically calibrated for medical and other uses. Dual Mode allows you to utilize it as an Ear thermometer or switch it to Forehead Function.

The upgraded Infrared Lens Technology measures temperature in 1 second and concludes with a loud beeping sound, plus it comes with a fever alarm as well. You can efficiently recall 20 previous readings to keep track of your body’s temperature. It can be used for children as well as adults.

2. Exergen Temporal Artery Baby Thermometer:

Exergen Temporal Artery Thermometer uses a Gentle Stoke of Forehead to capture the naturally emitted heat for measuring temperature. The Arterial Heat Balance will result into correct temperature measurement, which is completely safe and easy to use.

The red LED lights and soft beeping sound indicates the correct scan. It can proficiently take up to 1000 readings per second and then computes the most accurate one. The Temporal Artery is directly linked to the heart via Carotid Artery, besides it also has constant blood flow that is much needed for precise measuring of temperature.

1. Braun Ear Thermometer:

Braun is a renowned company popular for manufacturing innovative products that comprise of worthy features and delivers high performance. Not just that, you will also discover the aesthetic and ergonomic factors taken into consideration in its design. Exclusive ThermoScan features a pre-warmed tip of the thermometer ensuring repeatable precise readings.

Uniquely designed Guidance system provides you with visual as well as audible indications that the thermometer has been placed correctly. And plus, you can also recall the last temperature reading with the help of the ‘memory function’. For precise results each time, you need to use the new clean lens filters. These filters will safeguard the tip from getting scratched or from other contaminations like earwax, etc. Along with the product, you get 21 lens filters, a protective carrying case, and batteries. All these unique features is what brings this Braun Ear Thermometer to the Top 1 of our list.

Factors to consider before purchasing a baby thermometer:

When it comes to our children, it is an extremely fragile matter. We want to go for nothing less than perfect, especially when the health of the child is concerned. If you observe the temperature of your baby with a hand on their forehead, it would never be as reliable as a thermometer would be.

Purchasing and keeping a thermometer for your baby with you at all times can help you tremendously in keeping an eye on your baby’s temperature. It can help you make sure that your baby isn’t going through a fever, in case that you doubt it.

But because there are so many thermometers out there, it can get pretty hard to choose the right one for your baby. This is what you’re going to learn from here, some simple factors you should definitely consider before settling on a thermometer.

Accuracy and Consistency:

The first thing, accuracy, is indeed the most important thing in a thermometer. If your thermometer is faulty and does not show an accurate temperature, it really means you need to get a thermometer which shows the exact temperature of your baby to you, without a single chance of a mistake.

If you’re not careful, it can often lead to false alarms of fever when your baby is absolutely fine, or can lead you to believe otherwise when your baby’s temperature is actually high. This is why the risk of choosing a thermometer that isn’t accurate is a great one.

Apart from that, it isn’t going to help either if your thermometer shows different readings every time you use it. Test a thermometer a few times, and only ever purchase it if you’re satisfied that it shows the most accurate result every single time you use it, and there is no room for leniency here.

Easy to Use:

Don’t go for a difficult, complicated thermometer that even you can’t understand. Sure it might offer a lot of features the other thermometers might not, but always know that the main purpose is checking the temperature, and you should definitely make sure that you aren’t fumbling around and trying to understand where the temperature is actually shown.

It is recommended to go for a simple, standard thermometer which gives a clear reading of the baby’s temperature that you can read easily, without any further complications.

Easy to Clean:

Choose a thermometer that isn’t too difficult or complicated to clean. This is because, before using the thermometer every time, you need to make sure it is completely clean.

If you choose a thermometer that is seemingly hard to clean, you’ll probably miss out some of the spaces on the thermometer unclean, which can lead to infections. With an easy to clean thermometer, you can always be 101% sure that the thermometer you are using for your baby is completely clean and free of any kinds of germs which can hard your baby’s health.

It is important to know that choosing a thermometer is an easy matter if you go for simple things and don’t go overboard with whatever you’re choosing.


Deciding on which Thermometer to pick for your baby can be really puzzling, especially when you are young parents. So we hope that our attempt to delineate the Very Best thermometers available today will help you choose the best. According to your desired range of features, functionality, and type of operation, you can use your discretion to pick any one. Correspondingly, all of the above-mentioned products are quite budget-friendly and feature an easy-to-use interface.

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